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Life is beautiful & terrible & strange..

Adventures of a petite little dynamo

Maverick Madame
A bit about me: I appreciate snarkiness, style, substance, and schadenfreude, which means that most people either bore me or irritate me. If you've managed to make me like you, congratulations; you get a cookie! I'm allergic to everything, so I appreciate deserts, concrete, and recent Carthaginian agriculture. For a little more about me, I hate stupidity, clinginess, yard work, cold weather, and lima beans. (They burn my barren ovaries.) I'm a big fan of random trips, well-done modern art, coffee, kick-ass massages, and I'm prone to overspending on frivolities. Fast cars, high heels, and interesting people rock my world, as does flipping jackasses off in traffic. This journal is friends-only; please don't make me go nuclear on you. I promise it'll hurt!

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***And in case of emergency, my contact information is here, behind this locked entry.

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